Welcome to the website of the Cal Poly Flight Simulation Lab


Current Status of the Motion Flight Simulator: OPERATIONAL

Monthly Update

Here each team will give a brief overview of any work they have done this month.

  • Local height is being recognized by the collision system. Crashing into the mountains and objects higher/lower than runway altitude is now working.
  • A simple model for oil pressure and temperature based on engine rpm has been added to the sim. This is primarily a visual addition to the instrumentation and a proof-of-concept in SimAVIO functionality.
  • New forum has been setup on the CrewChief server. Click on the forum tab on the left of this page to reach the forum.
  • Fileshare capability has been added to the CrewChief server. 
  • PHP functionality and a mySQL database have been added to the Crewchief server.
  • Altitude for KSBP changed to 58' (previously 205'). This is to address the incorrect elevation of the runway in the model. This is a temporary fix until the altitude of the graphics computer can be made to properly reflect the altitude of simulink.


  • The Flight Sim Lab is open and running Summer, 2014. Feel free to drop by! If someone is there we are happy to give a brief tour. If you would like to secure a tour in advance, refer to our Contact page for more information.
  • We have also created a Facebook page, check it out here.

Tours and Flying the Sim

If you are interested in helping us develop this project, further the design of the flight simulator, or just want to hang with a group of people that love anything and everything about flying, we are always looking for new members and invite you to come check us out.

We are always looking for people to fly our simulator, input and comments garnered from such flights are required for the simulation process - we are after all simulating your flight and would like to know how we did. Pilots and the public alike are welcome to fly our simulator during any period of the regular "work" week. Even if you have little to no expertise in flying an aircraft your input and comments may be invaluable.

Please feel free to contact us and arrange a tour of our Facilities. We have given tours to every group from K-12 students and educators, to Aerospace Engineers from the Big Three Aerospace Companies, to Burt Rutan himself (retired CEO, Scaled Composites LLC). We would prefer that you arrange a tour during the regular Fall, Winter, Spring school year since we are usually not available at other times. For more specific dates of availability please contact us.

Last Update: 4/07/14